The Practical Nomad: World Travel is Sexy…

Our primary pre-trip resource is Travel Guru Edward Hasbrouck’s The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World.

If, during the next year, we forget why we’re doing it, we can always refer back to this Practical Nomad reminder: “World travel is sexy. World travel is the ultimate trip. Independent world travel is the world’s best learning experience. It’s the best possible investment of time and money you can make in your own career or your children’s education. World travel will change you, and change your life, for the better.” There are so many fun and exciting activities to take part in when on the road, you also get the opportunity to digest a new culture and a new way of living to what you have grown up with, including fantastic food such as Of course, not everybody has the resources to spend so much of their time travelling. However, if you were to become a digital nomad, you could work and earn at the same time as you explore the world, which is why so many people choose this path.

Seemingly obvious, but easy to forget, these bullets. I like the affirmation in Edward’s words, and that they oppose the myth of extended travel as “time off.”

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