Strange Enchanted Coasts: Our Honeymoon

Our Trip:


Paris, France: 9 days
Friends and family; sightseeing with the masses.

Dubai: 36 hours
One-night layover, dose of Arab opulence.

Pakistan: 1 month
Explore family roots and the Himalaya Mountains.

Northern India: 4 months
Traverse the north, first assignment as AJWS volunteers in West Bengal.

Cambodia: 2 weeks
Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, the standard Killing Fields/Angkor tour.

Thailand: 3 months
Explore Bangkok, make a book deadline from Chiang Mai, massage school for Tay.

Laos: 2 weeks
Down the Mekong, sipping strong coffee…

Sri Lanka: 2 months
Our second assignment with AJWS, on the tea plantations of Nuwara Eliya.

Africa: 3 months
Tay’s first time back in 10 years, my first time! Overland from Dar to Kampala, then our third AJWS assignment, working with Planned Parent in Ghana. Then, a week in The Gambia, and two short nights in Casablanca.

South France: 5 days
Back with our loving hosts from Paris, at their second son’s wedding in the south.

New York City & Strong Island: One month, August, 2006
The triumphant return! Bask in the warmth of August, friends, & family before packing up the truck and driving 2000 cross-country miles to…

Colorado, USA: September-ish
Find a home, get a job, write a book, start a family, take them on a long trip…

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