Rick Steves Belize Interview Available Online

I learned that my radio interview with Rick Steves is available for download (click on “Belize”) while sitting in the Om Restaurant in Bodhgaya, India. After admiring the size of a fellow American’s spring roll at the next table, we got to talking, and when the subject of guidebook writing came up, he realized he had just listened to my interview on his iPod the day before. Welcome to the strange new, interconnected world of travel.

Jason Roy, who, in addition to world traveler and Bombay Blogger, is also an internationally renowned Rubik’s Cube master, is traveling with his friend, Chad, both teachers at the American School in Mumbai. They are using their Diwali vacation to visit Varanasi and Bodhgaya, two of the holiest places on the planet (such are the casual travel options in India). Chad taught for two years in Veracruz, Mexico’s American School as well, and both were planning on another two years in India. Just one more way to travel the world.

The two are in search of a monk. There are plenty in Bodhgaya, but they are looking for a friend of a friend who is doing 10,000 prostrations in front of the stupa. They have a care package and some rupees for him but alas, he has not been responding to calls on his cell phone.


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