Fellow Tranquilo Honeymooners


I just discovered a like-minded pair of wanderlustin’ lovebirds, whose round-the-world honeymoon makes for some happy clicking. “We’re basically a fairly normal pre-kids couple on the adventure of our lives,” write Susan and Grace. We can relate.

We can also relate to their travel philosophy: “We’re more interested in finding out what life is like in a given place than we are in seeing all the tourist spots. That said, we don’t ‘go native’ when we arrive somewhere. We do some research before we reach each destination on what to see and do, but we also make things up as we go.”

There’s a lot to like on 13 Months, including hundreds of gorgeous photographs (actually, they took 18,021 photos); I haven’t had time to fully browse all the galleries, but I particularly love this shot of a Maasai woman and her baby. I also dig their random page.

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