The Past Speaks! Blog power from Pakistan

Quite unexpected are the reader responses I have received at the bottom of the Tranquilo Traveler post, “Why We Came to Pakistan: Gordon College, Rawalpindi, and our search for Dr. Stewart.” Click on this page and scroll down to the comments. For lack of any official Gordon College website, students and colleagues of Tay’s great-grandfather (including Pakistani poet and journalist Shuja Nawaz) have been stumbling across this page, and their fond recollections and contributions contain the goosebump-raising excitement of discovery.

I only wish that some of these commentators would write to me directly, since their email addresses do not appear on their comments and I would love to chat some more — if any of you are reading this and you knew Dr. Stewart, Prof. Masud, or were a student at Gordon College Rawalpindi, please let me know!

Write to me: jberman [at] gmail [dot] com
(removing spaces and symbol substitions, of course)

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