Happy Ending!

No, not that kind of happy ending! I’m talking about something way more satisfying: I’ve been approved for a new computer! Yes, after three years on my trusty ’03 iBook, with whom I’ve traveled the world and written three books, I am retiring my old friend and moving on. Cue “Memories” and photo collage of all the good times we’ve had, my laptop and me…

My new iBook G4 will arrive with our friend, Carrie from Baltimore, at the Chiang Mai airport this Tuesday morning. OS Tiger, 14-inch screen, 1.42GHz, 60 gigabytes — we’re tawkin’ some freakin’ muscle, baby (compared to the old machine anyway, more than sufficient for my simple writer’s needs). Suffice to say, “Madonna wit meatbawls, I’m excited.”

If you’re interested, here are the sordid details of the whole affair, which involved many calls to Apple USA at ungodly hours. Otherwise, thank you to my new customer relations friends, and to Carrie, my laptop angel with wings.

The show must go on, after all. And I’ve got lots of news for you. Stand-by.

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