PALM Foundation Websites Launch!


Part of my AJWS volunteer assignment at PALM Foundation was designing a new website, writing the content, taking the photographs, and gettin’ it up (online, that is). Then I had to train someone in the office to manage the site, although I’ll probably be the de facto webmaster-at-large for a while, since this most crucial component of any sustainable assignment was also the most difficult. It all happened down to the wire, with a mad rush toward the end of my two months, but it happened.

I invite you to visit, the official site of the organization, and, home of PALM’s foray into Nuwara Eliya tourism, and a glimpse at the little house in the hills where Tay and I have lived since early March.

I’m particularly fond of the staff profiles, since these are the people with whom I spent so much time during the last two months: working together, traveling together, even living together (many staff use the guesthouse as a crash pad during the week). I think reading the individual profiles gives one a good sense of the work PALM does as a whole, which is quite unique among NGOs.

They are very basic sites, with lots of room to grow, so your comments are welcome.

Credit where it’s due: the basic design of the primary site was created by Laslo ManJack, a Canadian volunteer, and the initial interviews for the staff profiles by his better half, Noelle. Many of the photographs (including the one above) is by these voluntourists as well, who are somewhere back in the Great White North now, building peace and keeping it real.

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