Postcards from Greeece: The Art of Travel and the Birthplace of Cheese Fries


Take a look at Todd Berman’s tranquilo way of keeping in touch in this series of postcard-paintings he and L-Boogie sent out from Greece.

In an article entitled “Idle thoughts on street food, postcards, diets and bribery,” San Francisco Chronicle Travel Editor John Flinn advises, “You know those weekly 2,000-word dispatches you send to family and friends from Internet cafes? They’d rather get two witty sentences on a postcard. Really.”

Todd and Lauren took this to heart on their recent trip, and sent out 4″ X 6″ works of art to family members around the world (after photographing them for posterity of course). They did the same thing on their trip to India last year. I hope they keep traveling.

* * *
Todd writes:

“As we travelled to Greece, Lauren and I joked about whether the restaurants would all be like the Greek Diners we all loved to go to late at night in Long Island, NY.

Joke’s on us.

At a terrific restaurant on the island of Naxos, we saw French Fries with Cheese on the menu. We explained the significance of this to the waiter who told us that this was actually a traditional local dish – then of course, brought a plate out on the house.

The island of Naxos, where Zeus grew up and got his lightning bolts from an eagle, is also the birthplace of Cheese Fries.

What a wonderful place.”

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