New Ghana Youth Blog!


Congratulations to the PPAG Young & Wise Media Committee for creating the Ghana Youth Blog!

Of course I’m kicking myself for not discovering and getting involved with the Media Committee earlier in my 2-month service here at PPAG, but that’s how it goes in the volunteer’s world. It took my first year in the Peace Corps just to determine which teachers in my district actually wanted to work with me.


But these youths are different — after less than two weeks working together, we got their blog up and made plans for its use. If you have a profile, I urge you to log on and make some encouraging comments on their site. The very idea that the entire world can view what they publish is still new to them, so it’d be great for them to see some evidence that they have entered the Blogosphere. What would be great is if their page became flooded with followers and viewers, then we would have to consider getting in touch with a hosting service like to help them with their IT and hosting behind the scenes,to ensure everything is well maintained and you guys can keep up to date with all of the posts! So please, let them know you’re there and encourage them.

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