Plant a Tree in Ghana: Contribute to the Keta Coconut Project


A while back, I reported on the devastation of the trees in the village of Keta as a result of tidal surges. The community has had trouble getting back on its feet, but now has a youth group working on a tree-planting project to which you can contribute. The tree-buying portion of this community project is being coordinated by our fellow AJWS volunteers, Peter and Hinda Schnurman. Read on for details.

For those of you who have said you are going to donate, thanks for agreeing to help with the Keta Tree Project. We learned just last night that every family along the beach will be given coconut seedlings to plant, and thus the whole community will participate.

The seedlings cost only .10 cents each – just a dime! WOW!!

So, for $100 for example, you will purchase 1,000 seedlings!!

Anyway, the easiest will be for you to just send a check to us, in our name, and we will see that it gets here to Pro-Link.

Once again, many thanks. Together, we are literally saving an entire community.

Peter and Hinda

P.S. Our home address is:
19526 8th Ave NW
Shoreline, WA 98177

“Somewhere in the world with”
Peter and Hinda Schnurman
19526 – 8th Ave NW
Shoreline, WA 98177 USA
(206) 542 – 0738

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