The End of the Trip?



In a word, nope.

We’re back. A year-and-a-half of travel in Pakistan, India, Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, and Africa.


In Colorado, where it all began.


Though who can say where it really all began? Maybe it started in Baltimore, where we first packed up our things? Or why not take it back to Nicaragua, where I proposed to Tay at the Santa Emilia waterfall in Matagalpa? Or to Belize, where I was traveling when I received that first email from her? Or to our respective decisions to join the Peace Corps, which inevitably led to the friendships that joined us?

And with such a nebulous beginning, how can there be a real end? Especially since Tay and I are still homeless and I am not through traveling. Not by a long shot, despite so much talk of “settling.”

I hope you’ll stick around. At least until the book comes out.

You can join me in Belize this fall.

Or hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend.

In any case, thank you for joining us on this journey and for keepin’ it tranquilo.

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