Burly in Boulder: Apartment Wanted


On your left: Annapurna Amber, after the mountain whose name, according to the Southern Sun beer menu, loosely translates from the Tibetan to “goddess rich in sustenance, chock full of malted barley with mild hop overtones.” Unlike the Sun’s lightest beer, on the other side of the picture: Quinn’s Golden Ale, “a shade of the hair of the dog for which it is named.” Now imagine the liquid hues swirling into a perfect ying-yang, the very dark and light forces that have been guiding us through the Boulder real-estate and rental scene. Perfect. Harmony. Riiiight.

The few weeks we’ve been looking for a place to land after our extended honeymoon feel like several months, though overall, it’s tough to complain. There is a reason everyone and their mother wants to move to Colorado. Good hiking, good people, good music, good beer. There are good houses too. And bad ones. Small ones, smaller ones, nasty ones, and alllll of them expensive ones…compared to what we’re used to, anyway. Reckon it’ll always be tough to beat $50 a month. Unless we move back to Birpara.


Big Paddy himself (pictured above in Eldorado Canyon, about to draw a six-shooter) can testify as he joins us for a few intriguing twists of fate during our journey to get settled — moments of hope and despair alternate in a matter of minutes and offer quite the ride. Not that we’re in the market for that kind of excitement right now, thankyouverymuch.

We ARE in the market for 8- or 900 square feet of love where Tay can sleep after night shifts and I can get some work done, hopefully with a view of the mountains. One or two bedrooms, storage space a plus, access to East Boulder, and wide, sunny windowsills for a muy tranquilo indoor gato. Or maybe we’ll just invest in a van. Down by the river.

Can anyone help a couple of tired travelers out?

If so, give a shout to jberman AT gmail DOT com

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