Domodah in the Afternoon

chickenstew.jpgNothin’ like a rich, cayenne-warmin’ bowl of groundnut stew when one is writing a story about The Gambia. There are as many ways to cook domodah (as the Mandinka call their national dish, or maffe in Wolof), as there are villages in West Africa. I like to mix and match from these recipes, but you might as well go straight for this winner.

To do it properly, serve the sauce on top of the rice in a wide bowl, then ball up bite-size lumps in your right hand while squatting on the ground between your siblings.

Hmm, Tay and I think, maybe we’ll do Africa nights in our new apartment — dress up in Gambian garb and invite friends to get their fingers messy. Wow, it’s going to be nice to have our own place…

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