Belize Authors Eat Fry-Jacks


It’s always nice to finally meet folks with whom you’ve been corresponding for years, especially when those folks are Lan Sluder (author of numerous guidebooks, including Fodor’s Belize, Living Abroad in Belize, and San Pedro Cool) and Marty Casado (Master of the Domain at A few weeks ago, our paths all crossed on the beach in San Pedro, at Estel’s.

It was a short but fun, coffee-fueled session of laughter, stories, gossip, and, of course, one of the best damn breakfasts on the island. Then I left to catch a boat to Corozal, Lan headed for the hotels on the north side, and Marty wandered away to search for his misplaced golf cart (neat trick, Marty, hope you found it).

The meeting was reminiscent of three years ago, when Rough Guide Belize author, Peter Eltringham, and I kept bumping into each other during our respective research trips all over the country. Here’s Peter taking a picture of me taking a picture of us, in Belize City:


A hearty cheers to Peter, Lan, and Marty. See y’all out there…

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