Signs of San Pedro


A “cold” front finally blows through Belize, offering respite from the sun and fresh breezes from the north. It’s not the best weather for diving, but it’s great for staying in and writing, catching up on ten days worth of notes from throughout the country. That my hotel room is WiFi equipped is distracting for work, but nice for sharing a few island images.


Walking San Pedro’s, um, “backside,” one encounters Ambergris’ handful of homespun local dives and eateries — many advertised with colorful, buxom babes whose bountiful dimensions give insight into Caribbean cultural body norms.


Of course the real signs of the times are the ones with land for sale — or condos, time-shares, and homes. Especially, as I make my way up the north side, where paradise is rapidly being paved. All, of course for low, low prices.


Come on down and pick up your own piece — Belize is going fast…


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