Tasting Belize: All of it


It’s not easy visiting every hotel, restaurant, dive shop, and golf cart rental on Ambergris Caye. Today, it’s lobster ceviche and a chef salad at Wild Mango’s (by locally famous chef, Amy Knox) — it’s all quite delicious after the most amazing set of dives in my life.


Actually, it was yesterday that I went 150 feet down into the Blue Hole, accompanied by more than a dozen full-size reef sharks and massive groupers, but the days kind of blend together, even without alcohol.


After lunch, I take off down Coconut Drive, pulling into yet another resort, asking for a “property description and rate sheet, please,” then getting the standard tour of rooms, suites, villas, and cabanas. It would be tedious if each place weren’t so damn unique and creative. But that’s Belize for you, where big blocky hotels are nearly non-existent, and personal charm pervades.


I knock off most of the south side of the island the first day, and today I try to attack San Pedro Town, a daunting task in the mid-day heat. Time for another lime juice…

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