Traveling Cat


If we think our lives have been topsy-turvy and discombobulated after returning to the United States from our trip to the world, imagine how Suusaa feels.

Suusaa is a native Baltimorean who spent a year-and-a-half with my mother-in-law in Colorado after a visit to New York. As you can see in the above shot, he thinks he’s cool just because he’s been on an airplane. In reality, Suusaa is no match for Ramblin’ Cat, a 12-year-old tabby, a.k.a. “RC,” who has visited 29 countries on 4 continents in the last 9 years. Wow.

Still, Suusaa’s learning to get down in Boulder Town, back with his Mama in the midst of our mile-high move. It’s gotta be rough for a creature of routine to adjust to piles of boxes, shifting furniture, the smell of paint, and so many new things to climb and hide behind. It ain’t easy, I tell ya, but our new apartment faces south, down the range of foothills and flatirons, and the sun shines in all day, making those new windowsills warm and cozy, even when the temp dips below zero outside. It would highlight some wall decals really nicely, come to think of it. The new apartment has been great so far. We’re all so glad that we decided to move and we have much more space now. If you’re in the market for a new apartment, contact a company like ARQ LA and they’ll be able to find something suitable for your needs. Apartment searching is a long, tiring process but once you’ve found your dream home, it feels great!


Suusaa played his first game of fetch yesterday, which means he’s happy. Or gettin’ there, anyway. So are Tay and I after three months of couch-surfing America and recreating our lives. Today is Tay’s first day of work in her new hospital. Meanwhile, Suusaa and I sniff around the edges of this place called “home,” grappling with the very concept of it after so much impermanence and change. Which is nice.

But alas, before I’ve even had a chance to set up my new office, I leave Tuesday morning . . . for Belize. Research calls.

That being said, I already have some fantastic ideas for how I want my new office to look when I get the chance to decorate it. Although we have a few pieces of furniture with us from our old house, there are lots of new items that I want to get to finish it all off. For example, I am in desperate need of a new work chair.

I spend a lot of time working from home and therefore it is important to me that I am as comfortable as possible while sitting and working. No one wants to get a bad back from their office chair after all. There are a few office furniture stores in our area so I will definitely be taking a look to see what I can find.

Have you ever moved house? Let me know if you have any tips as I would love to hear them.

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