Fellow Tranquilo Traveling Couple

bangkok-thailand-wat-pho-peaceful-brian-susana-schaller.jpgSusana and Brian Schaller traveled by land from Southeast Asia to Africa, visiting 30 countries and having countless adventures along the way, many of which were filmed and reported, since Brian quit his job as a television reporter to go on this trip. Susana also put important things on hold and judging from their website, World Traveling Partners, I don’t think either of them regrets it for a second. Besides chronicling their extensive travels, Brian and Susana use the site to offer advice and inspiration to other traveling couples, first and foremost of which is: “Drop everything, sell everything, put both careers on hold and take the trip of a lifetime.” Amen. This is definitely one of the best round-the-world couples travel sites I’ve seen since discovering Grace and Susan’s 13 Months.

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