Living Abroad In Nicaragua featured in

Our newest book, Moon Living Abroad In Nicaragua, is featured in the current (December 2006) GoAbroad Newsletter. is an online directory of study abroad programs, language schools, internships, international volunteer positions, international teaching positions, universities, eco-travel and a whole lot more, and it’s an honor to be introduced to their hundreds of thousands of viewers. The newsletter includes this interview with my and the Randymon:

GOABROAD.COM: Why Nicaragua? Why live in Nicaragua?
RANDALL WOOD and JOSHUA BERMAN: Nicaragua remains off the traditional tourist’s map, which means there are lots of ways to really explore and experience a country without feeling like your hand is being held by a tour guide. Nicaragua is natural, it’s unpolished, and it’s rife with adventure, from coffee picking to canopy tours, from reef diving to volcano hiking, and from horseback riding to the phenomenal Palo de Mayo festival.

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