“Wandering Dave” prepares for continental journey

wandering-dave.jpgJust learned about an ambitious trip around America, by one Wandering Dave, who is preparing to embark shortly from his home in Merced, California. He told me in an email he’ll first be “driving north to Washington, then east through several states and Canadian provinces to the Atlantic Ocean. From there, I’ll continue around the edge of our great nation until I get back home.” This ambitious route looks good on a map, but makes me hope that Dave will leave plenty of room for unexpected plan changes and tangents.

One of many unique aspects of his trip is the various ways he’ll be recording and reporting it. In addition to the blog and “map room” Dave’ll be maintaining a newspaper column, reader forum, photo gallery, podcast and radio clips. “The idea is to demonstrate how an average computer user can create messages using several 21st century media channels.”

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