My article in the new Perceptive Travel


The new issue of Perceptive Travel is live with the New Year, featuring an essay I wrote entitled “Ballad of a Traveling Buddha.” The piece is based directly on a blog entry from these pages, which I posted a few months ago upon my return to Colorado from The World. It’s about a small, smiley traveling icon that decided to keep traveling.

Once again, I’m in great company in the pages of Perceptive Travel (which is one year old today), stacked with articles by Bruce Northam, Zora O’Neill, Robert Reid, and Dominic Hamilton, all fellow guidebook authors and/or wandering scribes with great stories to tell.

It’s been nearly a year since my article, “Nothing to Achieve,” about a visit to The Place of Enlightenmnet in India, appeared in the second edition of Perceptive Travel. It’s good to be back. Enjoy.

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