Global Moustache Madness

pc_stache1.jpgIf you enjoyed my report from Belize about the Peace Corps moustache contest (in which I gave the lads a run for their money with my burly cookie-sweeper), then you’ll love Robert Reid’s report on Russia’s Lost Moustaches inspired by his epic 10,000-mile train trip across the continent: “There’s no way to know the precise percentage of Russian men who wore moustaches in the first decade of the 1700s, but if you’re like me you’ve spent some time wondering about it.” Be sure to check out the charts and graphs from his moustache-counting marathon. Then view this “Rockin the Stache” video from the Rad Blog: “You have to have a few things to grow a ‘stache. You gotta have balls. You gotta have imagination. You gotta have bravado. And you gotta have a freakin’ sense of humor.”

Last month, at a Maya ruin in Belize, I succumbed to an over-eager tour guide’s pleas to hire him only after he said, “Seeing the ruins without a guide is like a woman kissing a man without a moustache.”

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