Karl Bushby’s Walk Around the World


36,000-mile stroll, anyone? Ex-British paratrooper Karl Bushby, 37, began his record-breaking Goliath Expedition, an attempt to walk from Punta Arenas, Chile to England, in 1998. His food and equipment are pulled, rather than carried, in a wheeled carriage nicknamed “The Beast.” In addition to crossing four continents, 25 countries, six deserts, and 7 mountain ranges, Karl’s remarkable plan involves walking across the Darien Gap and the Bering Strait—on foot! Supported by a team including his father and friend in England, Karl is currently held up in Russia, trying to obtain permission to enter Siberia. The Goliath Expedition site is chock full of photos and videos. He has also already published a book, entitled Giant Steps, about the journey.

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