Romantic travel advice

I thought I’d pop my head up from the depths of pre-deadline darkness (maps, images, captions, fact-checking, arrrghh!) to point out this timely piece by Rolf Potts from his column at Yahoo News: “Travel-testing your relationship”.

rolf_bio.jpg“Few things test a romance like traveling together,” he writes. “In packing your bags and hitting the road with your lover, you aren’t just leaving home — you’re leaving behind the habits, routines, and comfort zones that keep that relationship on neutral ground.” >full article.

My wife, Tay, and I, have spent the vast majority of our two years of marriage traveling the world on an extended honeymoon, so the real adventure is almost the opposite of what Rolf writes. I.e., coming home and establishing routines, habits, etc. is the most challenging part; but just as we survived our trip together, I think we’ll be alright.

Bonus: short Valentine film by Ze.

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