Following Your Threads: One Man’s Trip to Improve Global Consumer-Producer Relations

wearing.jpg Kelsey Timmerman used to write a blog called “Touron Talk,” which celebrated the fact that, when it comes down to it, “nobody is a savvy traveler.” We’re all bumbling fools so why hide it? Kelsey’s new theme is in the form of a quest which is sure to be intriguing. He is writing as an official Rogue Traveler. I’ll let him explain it:

“I was made in America. My ‘Jingle These’ Christmas boxers were MADE IN BANGLADESH. I had an all-American childhood in rural Ohio. My all-American blue jeans were MADE IN CAMBODIA… I read the tag. My mind wondered. My feet followed. A quest was born.”

The Where Am I Wearing? blog will document Kelsey’s globe trot in a bold, individual attempt to connect producer with consumer. I think this trip has a lot of potential and look forward to keeping an eye on it.

What’s a Rogue Traveler you ask? It brings up an interesting travel writing opportunity. I’ll let them explain: “The BootsnAll travel crew is searching far and low, high and wide, in the deep crevices of the earth to find a few rogue travelers. You might have the mad travel skills, you might not. We are looking for the intrepid, the unique, the interesting, the random, and the downright nuts.”

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