In Praise of Volunteering—and another Tranquilo Traveler

volunteering-hanoi.jpgIt was only after I’d started reading the Brave New Traveler article, “10 Reasons Why Volunteering is Better Than Traveling,” (#6. You get to know the neighborhood: In Vietnam I’d say “HALLO!” 30 times before I reached the end of my street. Even my grumpiest moods were transformed), that I realized why the face in the photos looked so familiar. I’d just met Steve Jackson, a.k.a. “Our Man in Granada,” at breakfast with mutual friends in Nicaragua. After reading the above article, I strongly encourage you to browse Steve’s  Nicaragua blog, which features scrumptious photography to illustrate the author’s practical, fun entries. The site will also undoubtedly talk about Steve’s new gig helping out at Cafe Chavalos, a worthy project that teaches ex-street kids how to be chefs and maitre-d’s. Enjoy.

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