Luxury Hotels in Belize

belize_victoria.jpgI contributed the Belize section to a new website called Luxury Latin America. It includes descriptions of a few of Belize’s more fabulous accommodations. Ah, the irony of travel writing: one day I’m researching a $10-a-night backpacker dive (normally, the only place I can afford), the next a $1,000-a-night extravagance. But no matter the rates, hotels in Belize are unique when compared to other countries in the region. Why? For one thing, they are small (70 percent of the country’s 557 licensed hotels have ten rooms or less). International hotel chains are virtually nonexistent, mainly because of the relatively small market and labor pool, not to mention Belize’s longtime reputation as a forgotten “backwater.” That reputation is changing quickly, yet even as tourism forges ahead, most Belize hotels are still independently owned and managed, resulting in many properties being a truly creative expression of their owners’ dreams and visions. The results are impressive. [Link]

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