Save Darfur Action Week

rotator.jpgIf you haven’t heard, Global Days to Save Darfur Week is now, with rallies, marches, and vigils planned around the world, from April 23 to April 30. To find an event in your area, type your zip code here. You can also participate in the American Jewish World Service Darfur Action Campaign. AJWS is responding with humanitarian aid and advocacy to end the crisis, and is seeking donations to support these services. Ruth Messinger, President of AJWS, appears on NPR, on this show entitled “Can the World Save Darfur?”  AJWS also encourages individuals and companies to divest from the worst offending US companies who are putting money into Bashir’s genocidal Sudanese government.

Background, in a nutshell, from the AJWS page:

“Since 2003, the government of Sudan and their proxy militia, the Janjaweed, have been waging a genocidal campaign against African communities in Darfur. More than 2 million people have been displaced and at least 450,000 have lost their lives. Numerous ceasefires have been broken and countless U.N. resolutions have gone unheeded as the violence in Darfur continues.”

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