Practical Nomad Pissed about Passports

180px-edward_hasbrouck_char.jpgIf you haven’t heard, there is a crisis in the US Passport Center. Some are already calling it “The Great Passport Fiasco of 2007.” In “USA government refuses to learn from passport problems,” the Practical Nomad, a.k.a. Travel Industry Expert Edward Hasbrouck, author of How to Travel Around The World, offers a biting update of the mess at the National Passport Center. Hasbrouck writes:

“From the day they went into effect in January of this year, the new USA government rules requiring passports for all travel by air between the USA and Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean (even for citizens of the USA returning home from abroad) have been a disaster.
I told them this would happen, but they wouldn’t listen. Now they want to make it much worse.” [Link to article]

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