Wonderful photography stream from Nicaragua

gecko.jpgI am continually impressed by the brightness and mood captured in the images of Our Man In Granada. Ourman (“or Steve Jackson in the real world”) currently has 10 sets of photos in his Nicaragua Flickr group, taking you from Miraflor to Mombacho, and many places in between. I was particularly washed in white-light Peace Corps nostalgia by this bus image.

If you like what you see, bookmark Ourman’s blog for some words to go with that stunning scenery. You’ll hear him shriek like a 12-year-old girl at the sight of a scorpion, and wax poetic about La Isla de Ometepe, whose elusive beauty he captures quite well: “It’s not the Carribean. It’s not emerald water-surrounded Thai islands. It’s not snow covered peaks. But there is just a feel about the place . . . It feels so magical.”

Here’s another place you’ll find a magical image of Ometepe: the cover of my and Randy’s book.

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