Travel Healthy for Relationships, Says Survey

“There ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them,” wrote Mark Twain. According to a recent survey, most people go for the love. Travel site interviewed 4,000 travelers from the U.S., Spain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, France, and the UK, and found that most couples who travel together “return home with a more loving relationship.” Tay and I discovered this during our extended honeymoon last year, but in case you need some hard facts, here’s the data:

“79 percent of respondents return more ‘in love’ with their partners, while only 2.5 percent come back fighting. 87 percent of Germans and Italians fall more in love after travel, followed by 75 percent of Americans, who came in a respectable third. The romantic attitude of the Italians surveyed fell in line with expectations, but the starry-eyed passion of German travelers was one of the surprise findings of the survey.”

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