HOW TO TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD: Fourth Edition available for pre-order

practicalnomad.jpgHere ye! Here ye!

The fourth edition of Edward Hasbrouck’s Round-the-World Bible is here! I have yet to see the updated version, but Tay and I used the third edition of The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World while planning our big trip across the globe. The book is full of insight from one of the most knowledgeable experts in the travel industry. The new edition includes updates on airport security procedures, travel documents, entry requirements, and border crossings. There are also tips on how to find the best deals without getting ripped off, advice on choosing destinations, routes, and traveling companions, and how to make the time and money for extended travel.

In other Practical Nomad news, Hasbrouck testified before the Transportation Security Administration in Washington last week regarding an illegal government program that is secretly keeping dossiers on tens of millions of innocent international travelers to and from the USA. His testimony earned a mention on the front page of Saturday’s Washington Post in which Hasbrouck is referred to as a “civil liberties activist who was a travel agent for more than 15 years.”

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