Gadling post about Belize’s Garifuna Settlement Day

garifuna2.jpgOn the morning of November 19, 2003, I woke up before dawn and walked through warm rain across Belize City to the dock, where a crowd had gathered for the reenactment of the Garifuna people’s 1823 arrival to these shores. It was a fascinating first day in Belize — and I recall this scene in the introduction to my book, Moon Belize. I recently answered a few questions about Garifuna Settlement Day for’s “One for the Road” column:

The biggest party, most bands, and longest drumming binges are found in Dangriga. Smaller-scale celebrations occur in Belize City, Hopkins, and Seine Bight. Crowds greet the boats’ arrival with drums, dance, and alcohol, then everybody parades through town to a Church, a house party, or the taco cart by Stann Creek Bridge.


In related news, I just posted answers to the breathless queries of a mildly disgruntled reader.

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