20-Something? Publisher offering $5,000 toward your Dream Trip

book.gifThe publishers of Colleen Kinder’s new book, Delaying the Real World: A Twentysomething’s Guide to Seeking Adventure (Avalon Travel and Running Press Book Publishers) are giving away $5,000 to some lucky soul just for telling them about “a gutsy and worthwhile adventure” you’d like to take. Though I strongly disagree with the premise that a dull, sedentary life in an office is not only inevitable, but somehow more “real” than the rest of the wide-open, non-office world, I’ll gladly pass on the chance to win free money to travel. Read more about the fellowship and see what you think. To qualify, you just have to be 21-29 years old, have a dream trip in your head, and complete the application by April 23. You can also win a free guidebook by simply voting for your favorite travel blog.


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