Peace Corps Wiki Project


Nearly 190,000 Americans have served in the U.S. Peace Corps since the program was launched by President John F. Kennedy in 1961. PeaceCorpsWiki is the effort of a few Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to create a “collective public information exchange” for their fellow RPCVs. There are over a thousand pages, but they still need contributions from former volunteers:

“The ultimate goal is to have everything cross referenced, searchable, and freely available to anyone interested in the Peace Corps; countries, cities, sectors, volunteers—all relating to the Peace Corps service and its history for the past 47 years. We’re hoping that eventually volunteers would be able to read what progress has been made in Tamali, Ghana (for example) in the past 40 years. Which volunteers were stationed there? What did the Education volunteers have to do differently in The Gambia then Education volunteers in Senegal, Guinea or Mauritania? What projects did volunteers in Malawi work on 10 years ago, were any in Mzuzu?”


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