Boulder Gets its Freeze On: Pearl Street Flash Mob Among the Tulips

freeze2.jpgYesterday in Boulder, at 12:45 pm on the pedestrian mall in front of the courthouse, everything went quiet, a sudden silence which at first was more noticeable than the lack of movement. Then you realized that within this block-long mass of frozen people were a hundred mini-scenes, and you could walk through them and around them, like a museum. One couple kissed, one danced, another fought, one trio staged a purse-snatching, others looked ahead in mid-stride, biting apples, sipping sodas, talking on phones, giving high-fives. After five minutes, motion, applause, a few hundred smiles, then the crowd melted and the flow resumed.

The first Frozen Boulder was performed by a loose group of 150 people who’d never met, but who’d all received the same invitation to join a “mission” by newly formed Boulder Improv. Equally stirred by the Frozen Grand Central Station video in the e-mail invitation, they were here to make town history—or at least do their small part to keep Boulder weird.

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