Tranquilo Photo of the Day: Solar-Powered Tiki Torch Gets Lei’d


Adorning the Tranquilo Traveler’s Colorado cohousing porch this tiki season, this solar-powered torch turns on and “flickers” orange when the sun goes down. It’s quite realistic, the flame effect, adds a soft tribal glow to our community at night. The flower lei came from Honolulu, express delivery, orchids strung together and ridiculously fresh.

Yes, ridiculous, I thought when I felt the delicious coldness of the petals; both stunned by the lei’s freshness and incredulous at the amount of resources I imagined were spent to ship a few flowers across the globe. When gas hits $10 a gallon, what are the first things we will we not be able to order online?

In the meantime, I gots tiki torches at twilight.

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