The Darfur Olympics: AJWS’s Darfur Action Campaign

darfur_campaign_rmessinger.jpgFrom American Jewish World Service’s Darfur Action page: “Today the world spotlight is on China, whose economic and political support for Sudan continues to underwrite the violence in Darfur. AJWS, along with partners in the anti-genocide movement, is using the Beijing Olympic Games as a window of opportunity to raise awareness about the links between China and the government of Sudan, and to increase the pressure on those who have a role to play in ending the violence, including the U.S. government, U.N. Security Council members and mutual funds, as well as corporate sponsors of the Olympics such as NBC and Coca-Cola.”

Find out what you can do by visiting the link above: tell NBC to cover the China-Sudan story and watch the Darfur Olympics, “webcasting a daily report by Mia Farrow from a Darfur refugee camp from August 9 to 16, 2008.”

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