Commission original 8 x 10 drawings from round-the-world artist/traveler

todd.jpgTalk about a one-of-a-kind, personalized gift idea for that someone special in your life: For only $65 you can commission an original 8″x10″ sketch/painting from anywhere on Todd Berman’s year-long, round-the-world itinerary (he and L-Boogie are currently in Turkey, headed east). Of course, that’s Todd Berman, the renowned artist-activist-librarian and 2006 San Francisco Bike Commuter of the Year; born in West Virginia, migrated to the Bay Area, where he helped pioneer the existentially edgy Pierre Valley neighborhood. Todd typically paints scenes “that capture a chaotic sense of community and collaboration in bright, expressionistic drawing, painting and collage.”

Take it from me, it’s a solid investment (put your money in art, not pork bellies). And this isn’t just any art, this is art fueled by clean, slow, and extremely tranquilo travel ( Here are a few of Todd’s guidelines for how to commission your piece:

Subject: Ask for specific features, for example landscape, architecture, people, animals, food, a staircase … or, you may be more esoteric in your request, for example “the passage of time” or “the power of nature.” Reality Factor: Would you like the drawing to be more literal or more interpretive? I can draw a landscape just as I see it, capturing the beauty of nature in expressive lines and colors or I can reinterpret what I see using mixed viewpoints and other techniques to try and better capture the spirit of a place. The drawing pictured above, View of Granada with tinto verano, for example, is somewhat interpretive.

[LINK] Commission art by Todd->

[LINK] The Art Don’t Stop, Todd’s main site.->

[LINK] L-Boogie’s curiously strong photography->

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