Blog across Mexico by travel writer Richard Arghiris

Richard Arghiris has departed on a marathon coast-to-coast writing assignment across Mexico. He is updating the Footprint guide to that massive and varied country. I do not envy him the task (he has only 10 weeks or so to cover an area the size of … um, Mexico), but I will gladly keep an eye on his blog from the comforts of my armchair. Should be a fun ride—and a peek into the life of a guidebook writer on the road. First stop, Mexico City:

“Cities are notoriously complex animals and few are as big and scary as Mexico’s capital. It will be a real challenge getting to grips with it – and its wealth of surrounding attractions. I have my eye on an apartment close to the Revolution monument where I hope to base myself. Gym, sauna and WiFi included in the rent. One highlight of my stay will be the Day of the Dead celebrations.” [LINK]->

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