Africa Trek: 8,700 miles and 1,200 African families

africatrek2.jpgThis ultimate three-year honeymoon deserves another mention. Alexandre and Sonia Poussin asked for and received lodging along their entire route, staying with over a thousand African families from a stunning cross-section of the continent’s people. The couple walked the entire way with the guiding philosophy of, “Let adventure be.”

“Reporting about the world in a deeper and slower way is their way of practicing journalism. They raise their two children just outside Paris, surrounded by fields, forests and horses, and are preparing their next journey.”

At their website,, you’ll find:

–A Q&A interview with author Alexandre Poussin

–Video teaser

–Recent articles and reviews

–Africa Trek fall book tour currently underway

–Article in the Oregonian: “It is, Poussin admits, ‘a maverick story. Insane. Not to be advised.'”

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