Uncornered Market: Exceptional travel tweetbloggers arrive in Central America

couple.jpgTraveling used to mean disappearing into the wilderness. Now it can mean broadcasting that wilderness around the world in instant flashes and snippets. Interesting times, indeed. Uncornered Market is at once a case study of how to report at large from the world and an extraordinary über-blog by (fellow Returned Peace Corps Volunteer) Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll. Their passions include technology and street food, they travel with a really cool fish-eye lens (among many other toys, I’m sure), and they have covered a lot of ground. More from their About:

“In December 2006, we left our secure jobs and comfortable lifestyle in Prague, Czech Republic for a creative sabbatical: traveling the world, taking photographs and sharing stories about people from all walks of life…. blog, photo gallery, videos, and audiocasts … where we share our experiences. We aim to humanize the places we visit, drawing our readers in through photographs and stories, so they connect with people and places they might otherwise never hear about or actively disregard.”

twee.pngI’ve never tweeted before, but if I’m ever going to try, I would start with Dan and Audrey’s Twitter travel feed, currently following their trials and travails in Spanish school in Xela, Guatemala (“Just told Guatemalan host mother that we are an ‘equipo de cocinar’ – Dan for savory & me for dulce. The fun of learning a new language”).


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