Ephemerratic Travelers Return Home to San Francisco, Settle into Post-Trip Anticlimactic Obscurity After Heroic Feats

The hardest part of any trip is coming home, in my humble opinion. Just ask recent round-the-worlders Todd and Lauren, back to their apartment after a year abroad:

“…we visited 15 foreign countries – not counting a day-long layover in Slovakia – often taking many weeks to explore each place (click to see our route). Moving mostly ever eastward, we’ve circumnavigated the Earth. We’re a little dizzy, but that’s probably due to all the gluten suddenly injected into our diet.”

They have promised that the words and images will continue to flow on ephemerratic.com, so definitely keep ’em bookmarked. They write, “Some of our most tragic, dramatic, and embarrassing stories are yet to be told. Watching Thai kickboxing with transvestites in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Eating pig’s throat in Chengdu, China. Getting a 75 cent foot massage with Uncle Danny in Cebu City, Philippines.”

Also, you can still commission original travel art from Todd. Anyway, welcome back guys! Have fun sculpting the story…

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