Nicaragua’s northwest tempts off-the-beaten-pathers, paddlers, and tranquilo travelers

“….In the sunset light and the million glints that flashed on the sea, those streaming oars seemed made of burnished gold. And, in that graceful boat, still rowing, rowing, the lover with his beloved, flying to the land of dreams…”

I’m definitely a sucker for anyone who quotes Rubén Darío, Nicaragua’s most famous dead poet, on their website (as Ibis Exchange Kayaking does). I’m also a sucker for interesting things to do that are completely off the normal gringo trail in Nicaragua. And there is no doubt: a trip to the country’s remote Cosigüina peninsula and Padre Ramos Estuary Reserve is waaaaay off the typical tourist route.

I leave for Nicaragua next week and I’m hoping to pay a visit to the folks at Ibis Exchange Kayaking and Tours, as well as Redwood Beach Resort. Ibis offers all kinds of wilderness tours and expeditions and in the same region, Redwood offers isolated luxury beachfront cabanas and tours to explore the area. The American owners at Redwood promise, “if you have a question about the Farrallones, Punta Nata, Punta Cosiguina, Santa Rosa, El Congo, Mata Cacao, etc., just let us know!  We love this area and welcome the intrepid travellers who are willing to make the trip.” I hope that’s me…

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