Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Belize: Tuesday, Sept. 8, on the Travel Channel

“Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World” (the new travel show from the “Bizarre Foods” guy) premieres next Tuesday with an episode in Cuba. The new show is more expansive than the old bugs-n-balls version, and will feature as many wild, nonfood cultural exotica as it will strange organ dishes.

On September 8 at 10 EST, the Belize episode of “Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World” will air. In it, AZ visits some remote corners of the country where he “sinks his teeth into Maya-style pork brains and the country’s most prized rodent.” Along the way, he experiences a shamanic cleansing at Nim Li Punit archeological site, “jumps” the sambaii in Gales Point, and enters the cave of the crystal maiden. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together…

Episode description (includes slide show and menu)->

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