Spotlight on MOON BELIZE contributors and very tranquilo travelers: Rosey Goodman and Joni Miller

The worst error I made in the new edition of MOON BELIZE (at least, the worst one I’ve found so far) was omitting my two research assistants from the acknowledgments. This was purely an accident and my sincere apologies go to Rosey Goodman and Joni Miller. These two women helped with the enormous amount of legwork and pavement-pounding that went into updating this guidebook and they deserve recognition.

You’ll find Joni Miller at the Caye Caulker Ocean Academy, the tiny island’s first high school, which she helped found last year. Before that, Caye Caulker’s teens had to commute by boat to the mainland. Joni has a Masters in International Education from the University of Alberta and 10 years high-school teaching experience in British Columbia. Read about how you can help the school with donations, school supplies, or by volunteering in the new Moon book, and check the school’s wish list before your trip to Belize to see what you can bring.

rmg.jpgFrom Antigua to Zagreb, Rosey Goodman, a.k.a. DriveGoddess, has been adventuring and exploring since her teens. Writer, photographer, broadcaster, and chef, Rosey is known for her irreverent style and lust for life. She loves nothing better than taking to the open road or being out at sea. From pristine, deserted beaches to the war zones of the Balkans, Rosey has learned that moments are meant to be savored, experiences to be shared. She is currently working on her road trip tales and is plotting the next great adventure, which she will be posting on her Facebook page: R.m. Goodman. Her other sites are:


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