The Practical Nomad on FTC’s new blogging rules and what it means for travel writers

Edward Hasbrouck, aka The Practical Nomad, weighs in on how the Federal Trade Commission’s new rules on blogging will affect travel writers:

New FTC rules on diclosure of sponsorships, freebies, and discounts

“…For most travel writers, photographers, and publishers these regulations will require changes in business practices, changes to Web sites and blogs, and possibly changes to work already in press but scheduled for publication after 1 December 2009.”

I don’t do much product writing on this blog, only the odd book or CD review (usually from free review copies), and I don’t consider my guidebook listings of hotels and restaurants to be “reviews” per se (a hotel deserving of a negative review simply doesn’t go in my books – I’d rather use that space to more adequately describe deserving properties). So I don’t know if I need to sign the Blog with Integrity pledge. In any case, Edward gives a clear, concise, and thorough overview of the new rules. Enjoy.

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