Jazz Around the World gives incredibly smooth tour of the globe

Putumayo Records’ newest release, Jazz Around the World, was much smoother and more soft-spoken then I expected it would be; more exotic, quiet lounge than brash experimenting. Fresh takes on world classics like Chan Chan, and lots of soft high hat and samba. The album highlights jazz’s influence on local types of music as much as it provides new cuts, so you get a truly diverse yet coherent collection. My favorite track has to be the Malian version of an old standard: Summertime at Bamako performed by Keletigui Diabate with Habib Koite, but it’s a tough call. LISTEN TO A FEW SAMPLES to see what I mean.
* * * * *

Disclosure: Putumayo provided me with a review copy of Jazz Around the World, but did not pay me to write this post.

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