NYT on Living Abroad in Nicaragua

nytbeach.pngNew article by Zach Weisberg on living abroad in Nicaragua:

A Retiring Life on the Beach in Nicaragua, Despite Risks

“Some might see an element of financial risk in the Schmidts’ purchase of the sort of property that one segment of buyers view as an investment, but Mr. Schmidt said that he and his wife were not driven by the profit motive. ‘We came down here really not as an investment per se,’ he said. ‘It was more of a lifestyle change.”

Those are the kind of people we hope are buying our book, Moon Living Abroad in Nicaragua, i.e. those who are NOT looking to cut up their lot, turn a quick profit, and leave — but foreigners who want to adapt to the tranquilo Nica lifestyle, learn Spanish, and have a positive impact on their new communities.

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