Belize is one of Developing World’s 10 Best Ethical Destinations (and Nicaragua is dropped from list)

Much respect to The Ethical Traveler, the world’s “first grass-roots alliance uniting adventurers, tourists, travel agencies, and outfitters” in the belief that “all travelers are, in effect, freelance ambassadors.” I’m happy to report that the ET included Belize on a very elite list, as reported in this article for the San Francisco Chronicle by Spud Hilton:

“The list is based on three general categories—environmental protection, social welfare and human rights—as well as a number of subcategories, including preservation of resources, mortality rate, civil liberties, safe drinking water and political rights, to name a few. The idea is that nations with responsible policies, not just sexy attractions, should be recognized and rewarded.”

Nicaragua, the article reports, was dropped from the list because of a “deteriorating record on human rights” (gracias, Daniel), and Costa Rica, the traditional eco-tourism darling, was left off because of an “increase in sex tourism.”

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